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“Bemvindo” – “Welcome” to Valucha’s website!

“Valucha”….think guitars…hot sands…palm trees…samba…bossa nova…think Brazil.

That’s where Valucha was born. Although she traveled the world, her soul was always there. You could see it in the way she walked, hear it in the way she talked. Her eyes were green, with flecks of yellow, just like the Brazilian flag.

Here you will find her music, her art, her writing. As you explore it, dig deep. Open yourself to the creativity that Valucha explored during her life, the creativity that we each have within ourselves.
Valucha never did anything halfway. Everyone who met her felt her force field. For her, there were no half measures, no alternating current. She was all direct current, tapping into a main line of creative energy.
In her music, in her paintings, she dug down to the deepest levels and shared with others what she learned from that experience, inspiring them to dig down too, and not be afraid.  As Valucha said, "Every time I create it's an act of faith."


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Valucha didn’t like labels but, when pressed to describe her style, she would call herself a “not so naïve primitive.”

She came to painting relatively late in life after many years of devoting herself to her music. Although always attracted to art, she shied away from it because of an unpleasant childhood experience with an art teacher. He wanted everyone to paint within the lines in predictable forms. Valucha was neither linear nor predictable.  Read more...


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In the winter of 1976 Valucha was living in Chicago in an apartment that looked out over a frozen Lake Michigan. It was a time of spiritual turmoil for her and, as Valucha always did, she dug deep into her soul to find direction.  Read more and play her music online....

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Valucha kept a wonderful scrapbook of press clippings that not only attest to her career in music, but her dedication to family and friends.  At the same time, these clippings are a tremendous historical perspective on the "folk scene", life in the United States from the 1950's on, and even the wages of a budding folksinger back in the day.

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